• Curlers: know how to choose the best

    What are the types of curlers and what is the function of each one. Learn and choose the best for you. For more references, check out: cordless curling iron


    Who doesn't like to rock around with their dream hair? The curlers are there to help you on your mission! If you are thinking of purchasing one of these magical gadgets to call your own you may be scared by so much variety. It's just that not only the traditional curling iron leaves the ringed wires as you want. In fact, the modeler himself has different versions and there is also the curler modeler with camera. Do not understand anything? Calm down, we help.

    The main types of curlers


    Thin, thick or medium shaper?


    Yes, there are devices with different thicknesses. The thinner, smaller and more defined the bunch is. It is the ideal version for those with afro hair . Devices with a smaller diameter (1/2 inch) are more versatile because they serve to make both small and large curls.


    To make them larger and looser, just roll thicker strands of hair at once. The medium diameter is the most popular and the easiest to find. The measurements vary between 3/4 and 1 inch and the effect is a little softer. The thick curler, with a diameter of more than 1 inch, is ideal for large curls or light curls . They are more suitable for naturally less marked or wavy curls.


    Modeler with clip


    Just like the regular modeler, it comes with a clip, a kind of claw that you press with your finger and open before wrapping the lock of hair and then close to press the strands and wait for the heat to take effect.


    Depending on the texture, the clip forms a line that is marked and visible in the hairstyle . There are those who find it more practical because the hair does not escape and there are those who say that the clip tangles in the hair and causes breakage. Thinner wires may be more vulnerable to this type of appliance.

  • Branded shaper


    It also has a stick shape and medium thickness. The difference here is that it comes with spiral marks for you to fit the locks. On the one hand, it is easier and safer, because you can quickly put the wires in the right place . On the other hand, it is not very versatile because you cannot vary the size and shape of the curls.


    Modeler with polka dots


    Similar to the branded modeler, instead of spiral inserts it has the shape of several balls together. The idea is also to facilitate the fitting and speed up the process , but it falls into the same disadvantage: it offers less possibility of variation. It is made of ceramic, which ensures uniform temperature and less damage to the wires.


    Modeler with camera


    Although it also has the function of shaping curls, it has a very different shape than a curling iron. It is a device with a camera on the end, where a small lock should be fitted. Then just close and wait the recommended time - from 8 to 12 seconds - the bunch comes out ready. It is more suitable for hair with larger curls or waves. If your hair is more curled, you will need to make a brush before using it.


    About temperature


    Whichever model is chosen, it is important to pay attention to the power of the temperature, which must be described on the packaging. Professionals recommend that you never use a device over 200ºC to avoid burning your hair. The ideal to guarantee the effectiveness without causing damage to the wires is to adjust the styler so that it is between 150 ºC and 200 ºC.


    About the material


    If you use the modeler frequently, it is worth opting for higher quality versions , even if the investment is a little higher. The ceramic or tourmaline versions neutralize the hair's electricity, reducing frizz . In addition, they have the ability to heat up evenly and warm the wire from the inside to the shape, reducing dryness.